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EasiClean’s Plant Based Carpet Cleaning is the #1 dry carpet cleaning method that has been in our family for over 30 years. Our method is eco-friendly specifically for pets, children, and individuals sensitive to chemicals.

Former USC Track Star Turned Carpet Cleaner

Before Venice local Reggie Wyatt took over the family business as a residential and commercial carpet cleaner, he was cleaning up the competition as one of track and fields fastest men in the United States.

Born in Torrance, California and raised in Riverside, California, Wyatt said he grew up helping his father, Reginald Wyatt Sr. – the founder of EasiClean – clean carpets when he was seven-years-old. A first round draft pick for the Kansas City Royals back in 1981, Wyatt’s father bought EasiClean after he retired from playing professional baseball.

“My father inspired me on and off the field because of his vision and leadership,” Wyatt said. “He knew how to build me up and inspired me to never doubt my potential.”

After only one year of doing business out of Venice, Wyatt’s business 5-star rating on google as well as his usage of plant-based biodegradable, eco-friendly products has led him to becoming one of the most popular carpet cleaning companies on the Westside for residencies and business like South Park, Goodskin, and London Alley.

“Many carpet companies do not use eco-friendly companies,” Reggie explained. “The products EasiClean uses are specifically safe for pets, children and individuals who are sensitive to chemicals.”

Open around the clock Wyatt said that whether it’s a 6 a.m or a late night 10 p.m. cleaning assignment, the most rewarding part of taking over the family business has been seeing the smiles on peoples faces after a job well-done.

Loyal customer from Marina Del Rey, Will, told the Current that he called Wyatt two days after he got a dog and was not only “extremely pleased” with the results but said that he is happy to now call Wyatt a friend.

Company Vision

Our mission is to create healthier homes and businesses through eco-friendly carpet cleaning solutions.

Our Goal

To provide the highest level of customer service and eco-friendly carpet cleaning solutions our clients.

Easiclean reggie About Us

We have been perfecting our method for over 30 years!

Over the last decades we spent years perfecting our method to eliminate stains and germs trapped inside of carpet to get rid of odors, pet dander, bacteria, and mildew. Unlike other cleaning methods that use millions of gallons of water per year, Plant Based Carpet Cleaning is powerful, effective, and tough on soiled carpets.

Carpets are dry in less than 20 minutes!

Our Expert Team

We take pride in the excellent quality of our office cleaning services, and we understand our customers' needs.

Easiclean IMG_0573-1-qac3rn52gz4h6f3kwx8mpxvo21givurqtu7gvtg6eo About Us

Reginald Wyatt

Co-Founder and CEO