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Our Services

We help companies and households with a more efficient cleaning solution.

Eco-friendly solutions

Our Plant Based Carpet Cleaning uses 95% less water. We designed a cleaning method to reduce large amounts of water without sacrificing performance to achieve the desired cleaning results.

Friendly Staff

Our number one priority is customer service! Being on time to your resident or business, exceeding your expectations of service, and making sure that our job is consistent.

Time Efficient

Our method dries in less than 20 minutes because of our methods. You will be able to enjoy your carpet faster than other cleaning methods.


Consulting for Companies

We are able to operate with commercial sized facilities to work with all buildings such as churches, schools, and offices.

Consulting for Houses

We are able to work with residential areas. Our methods can work with any sized house.

“… Hands down best carpet cleaning service out there. They way they clean it is so different. I’ve had my carpet get soaked up by other carpet cleaners and had to wait about 2 days to step back on it….”

Jaime R.



Frequently Asked Questions

Can you visit my company/ house?

Absolutely, we will be more that happy to take a look at your business or house and answer any questions before we provide our service.

What services do you provide?

We provide carpet cleaning, upholstery cleaning, carpet deodorizer, stain removal, we repair pet damage, and padding replacement.

How is this different from other cleaning solutions?

With our plant based solutions, we are able to offer the same results as traditional carpet cleaners, while reducing our carbon footprint. We use 95% less water with our plant based cleaner, while ensuring that your home or business is in pristine condition.

Reginald Wyatt

EasiClean Owner

(310) 219-6293