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Household Solutions

We offer services for residential areas to keep the carpet in your home clean.

Company Solutions

We provide services for for schools, churches, medical facilities, office buildings and more.


How we help

EasiClean is the safest and most effective dry carpet cleaning method to clean your carpets. Our plant based biodegradable and eco-friendly method is safe for children, pets, and individuals with asthma and allergies. Compared to traditional carpet cleaning. Plant Based Carpet Cleaning uses 95% less water.

“… I was amazed at the fact that their cleaning product is plant based and with the dry carpet technique I did not have to wait hours for drying….”

Sonia R


Services We Offer

Dry Carpet Cleaning

Our method dries in less than 20 minutes and uses 95% less water.

Upholstery Cleaning

Let us restore and bring your couches back to life!

Floor Care

When it comes to tile and grout or hardwood floors, we got you covered!

Efficient cleaning for everyone

We figured out how to reduce large amounts of water without sacrificing performance to achieve the desired cleaning results. You will enjoy a reliable cleaning experience without having to worry about using excess water and chemicals.